The Property Buying Process- What is a Building Survey?

Deciding to buy a new property is a big step, so you will of course want to ensure that you are making the right investment and your money is being well spent. Asides from viewing the property on a number of different occasions to see how it would potentially work for you and your family, you need to assess the structure of the building to ensure you won't be faced with any problems at any point further down the line.

In order to identify any problems or potential problems regarding the structural stability of the property, you will need to undertake a building survey, and as specialist surveyors, we at Kutner Associates thought it would be useful to provide you with a bit more information on this type of survey and why it is so important.

What Does it Cover?

A building survey will focus on the actual structure of the property. Tests will be carried out and various aspects of the structure and its condition will be very closely looked at in order to determine whether any underlying problems are apparent.

This type of survey is particularly helpful for older properties, those which you plan on completing a fair amount of building work on and those whereby it is clear that significant work has been completed previously.

How Will it Help?

Any noticeable defects or slight issues at present which have the potential to deteriorate and led to a costly outlay from you at a later point will be noted so you are well aware before a formal offer is submitted. From the results of the survey, you may have more negotiation power it terms of the asking price or may decide the property is too much of a risk altogether and decide against the purchase.

Hopefully this post has made it clear how important a building survey is within the overall property buying process, however if you need any further information, don't hesitate to get in touch. Don't forget to check out next post which details another survey that can be undertaken in the form of a Homebuyers Survey.

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